Sunday, June 26, 2011

{TUTUS} By Sarah Elizabeth


I recently got lucky when I won the 1200 "likes" drawing on the Tutus By: Sarah Elizabeth Facebook Fanpage. I have used Sarah's Tutus 2 times before this. Once for a beauty Pageant with my friend Kristen's daughter Chloe, and once with my BFF Ashley's daughter Morgan in spring photos. I enjoyed how fun, and how cute they made the girls. They both shined in them.  Morgan is turning 1 on July 6th (yes, I am extremely sad this little girl grew this fast as I was a very lucky person to get to be in the room when she came into the world) which means she obviously needed the next round of TUTU! So when I won I asked Ashley what she would like to put Morgan in... We both aren't sure if she will wear it for her party or her 1 year old pictures but either way she will look adorable. This time I didn't just get a tutu... I GOT THE TUTU DRESS! I know, EXCITING! Below are some pictures I took of it stand alone in EXCITMENT FOR MORGAN TO WEAR IT IN A FEW WEEKS! :)

<3 Brittani

P.S GO CHECK OUT Tutus By: Sarah Elizabeth

Friday, June 24, 2011

{WELCOME} New Family Blog


Welcome to the NEW FAMILY BLOG! This will include pictures and family tips/advice from my friends who are moms! I will be asking people to send me articles to help new parents!


<3 Brittani